Custom Type

We design a Custom Fonts to offer a new styles by tailoring between design and functions with the personality of a brand identity, as important as other visual identity systems.
As an exclusive visual identity asset, Custom Fonts have more control over their use, a creative solution to deliver the consistent visual typographic style for every communication need.


You can view our most recent custom type below:



Jenius Sans

Jenius Sans is a compact companion of Jenius, an online banking platform from Bank BTPN. Jenius sans represents the continuity, flexibility, and possibilities of the brand to work with its visual system, how the brand weave in and out of the lives of the public. The consistency of each character shown in this typeface clearly little bit ‘tech-savvy’ with spurless on n, u, etc that was what make this typeface easily to recognize.

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Bandung Design Biennale

Motekar is a custom typeface for visual identity asset’s Bandung Design Bienalle 2017, the development of this font originally designed based on the main logo designed by Bandung’s graphic designer, Wicky Syailendra.

With a strict and dynamic structure, describing the font is functioning firmly when placed for the headline and title of the related event, the motive theme itself is taken from Sundanese language which means creative and persistent, with the refinement of the logo into a font, the impression of neutral and depicted functionally on any display design application.

Indonesia Destination Branding

The development of the Wonderful Indonesia logo into the functional typeface was redesigned to optimize the original logo and retain consistent yet authentic as it’s formed, commissioned by Makki-Makki Branding Consultant for Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, this custom font designed for logotype identity of several city branding destinations in Indonesia including Bali, Medan, and Makassar to find suitable solutions to design that fits in every keyword or slogan of each destination city.