Bukku Sans

Project Info

Project: Bukku.id
Commisioner: Monoponik Studio

About Typefaces

Bukku sans is complementary brand typefaces for Bukku.id, an e-commerce for literacy products in Indonesia. The original typefaces was developed based on our retail typefaces, Gramatika. With several characters modification and adjusting the characters width into slightly condensed and loose spacing, the typefaces intended to make a breathable space in medium space area, as well as small text. Bukku Sans were produced in 3 weights with italic uprights, we work collaboratively with Monoponik Studio to redesigned the typefaces and advising on technical details about the brand images.

Typefaces Info

Family Name: Bukku Sans
Designed by: Gumpita Rahayu
Year: 2018
Classification: Sans Serif
Available Style: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
Version: 1.0

About Custom Typefaces

We’ve created custom typeface families for company/organization to provide a new styles of brands personality, with all the suitable design & function, multipurpose format to use for every communication, and custom licensing needs.

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