Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional

GPN Sans is vibrant type family for Bank Indonesia brand’s GPN (Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional), with precise geometric construction of grotesque style and contemporary oriented. Designed with open shapes lowercase to leaving the distraction on legibility especially in small sizes to provide clear information, a sharp cuts on the edge adapted based on the clean and fine cut on GPN wings, while its uppercase create strong and safe personality.

Client: Bank Indonesia
Commisioner: Leoburnett Indonesia & Visious Studio
Creative Director: Iyan Susanto, Rege Indrastudianto
Graphic Designer: Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa, Vinny Asrita
Custom Typeface: Tokotype Studio

Family Name: GPN Sans
Designed by: Tokotype Studio
Year: 2017
Classification: Sans Serif
Available Style: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic.

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