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Tokotype is a digital typeface design studio based in Indonesia. We design, develop, and distribute typefaces globally for all design environment. Since 2016, Tokotype established to engage in the creative industry by presenting selections of contemporary typefaces for today needs.

In addition to our retail collections, we design and develop custom type families for brands or organization to amplify the effectiveness of brands communications. We also teach and talk about the typography to supporting any level of education, through lectures at several local University and workshop for an Organization.

Full payment process goes through PayPal, we don’t see, collect, or store your credit card and personal information. After the payment completed the file will be delivered to your email. Paypal accepts credit and debit card if you don’t have PayPal account. Please see more information about Paypal Here.


We cannot offer refunds after the purchase is made. Although if there is a minor error with the fonts you ordered, let us know within 24 hours of purchase and we will try to fix the situation.

Desktop For Print & Screen:
Available in OpenType PS (OTF). You can install for OSX (Mac) and Windows (PC). OpenType format contains font features and several language support that can be accessed and used in graphic processing software.

Webfonts For Self-hosting:
Self-hosting and available in WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT files. You can embed the webfont files to your server and display it on your website by using @font-face rule in CSS.

Mac OSX: Use FontBook Software (Default App on Mac). Select the fonts files you want to install and drag the fonts into your library or you can find Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts and copy the font files to the directory.

PC Windows: Select all fonts you want to install and pop-up of the fonts file will show, click install and done. Or Go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts, then locate fonts file and click install.

We continuously enhance our typeface collection in the future, like adding more styles, expanding language coverage, and bug fixing. If you already licensed the old typeface You will automatically get the updated new version with free of charge.

We love to see people using our typeface, if your project using our typeface, please send some in-use samples images to mail(@) We may upload them in our blog section and social media channels as well.

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Please see the further information about our privacy & policies here.

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