Celaraz, The Serif Faces in Disguise

12 March, 2018

Celaraz is typeface with structural forms and pushes the stroke contrast. The idea evolved from the didone styles and wedge serif forms to feel explicit with the contrast remain visible and consistent on each character, and to avoid the dark spot several characters adjusted by adding the static traps to keep visible.

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Introducing Tokotype: The Micro Digital Type Foundry

8 March, 2018

Tokotype is a micro digital type foundry setup based in Indonesia, established in 2016, Tokotype create and publish the wide range typeface with a contemporary and authentic approach. And today, after several months of hard work and support from our friends, we are happy to announce the brand new Tokotype’s site is available for everyone today.

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Tokotype Identity for TDC62 Indonesia

TDC62 Show Hometown Identity

16 December, 2017

Bandung welcomes work of international designers in TDC62 on November 21 at Maranatha Christian University. The World’s Best Typography: TDC62. In addition TDC62 Bandung events, Tokotype Designer’s Gumpita Rahayu, designed a one-of-a-kind visual identity for this exciting exhibition in his hometown, inspired by Bandung’s culture, trends, and lifestyle.

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